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AR-LST 2014 copy 3.jpg

Click on foto to enlarge.


I'm having a difficult time uploading an mp4 file of 39mb.

Anyone have advice on how to do this?

This is terrible because I wanted to show my four LST's and system playing some good Jazz music.

I won't post on you tube, that's an invitation for trouble.

Maybe this will do until I figure this out. It was taken with a cell phone wide angle lens.

PS Forgot to indicate there's a S.M.E. 3009 Non-Improved Tone arm on each table.

Presently using some very fine cartridges.  A Lyra Delos, a Lyra Kleos, and a AT ART-9 for cartridges have made all the difference in listening quality by

updating the sound that my AR-LST's afford.

The choice of using moving coil cartridges over moving magnet has brought my system closer to sounding more realistic with every type of music I play.

Gone are the reticent highs, the loose and ill-defined bass while the midrange is more vibrant and realistic than ever before.

It doesn't sound or feel I'm listening to 45 year old speakers any longer! Dynamics have increased to new levels I used to only dream about. But, then again, as far back as 1974 my first Phase Linear PL400 amplifier afforded me better sound 45 years ago with my AR-3a's. It opened up the sound many fold and transformed that 'blanket over the speakers'  typical muffled 'AR' sound substantially.

The use of outboard additional tweeters rounded out the 'new' big picture, that's for sure!

The sound has been updated with these new cartridges and portrays the more modern sound concept and accepted norm of music reproduction in terms of resolution and dynamics found in much higher priced newer systems.

Instruments and voices sound ultra vivid and include all of the 'harmonic-trails' and 'micro-level information' of notes that seemed to be missing with lesser cartridges. There's a feeling that 'you are in the recording venue' more than ever before.  That old perception of sound quality which was once accepted as good while using old AR speakers is all gone and has been transformed and is no longer lacking in any of those old ways.

Interestingly enough moving coil cartridges are not a new invention of course, they've been around for many years. I've only been enjoying them for about 4 years now. However new materials and designs have made them even better and affordable than years ago.



Below: My favorite cartridges that allow my AR-LST's to come alive!

CIMG1165 copy.JPG


CIMG1083 copy.JPG

CIMG1765 webcopy copy 2.jpg

CIMG1904 copy.jpg

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