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NLA recap... resistors too?


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Generally speaking, the resistors do not require replacement, unless there is reason to believe otherwise - - - i.e. off-spec measurement or obvious physical damage. Some people like to replace original resistors rated at 5 watts with new ones rated for 10 watts for some measure of added safety, but this is not entirely necessary. If you have additional questions, maybe post some pic of the crossovers for further advice.

And yes, while you are replacing the foams, it's a good idea to replace the caps as well in many Advent speaker models.

Oh... and welcome to CSP forum.

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Welcome to the forum. How much do you like your New Large Advents? To me they are a special speaker. So here are my recomendations. If you are going to take woofers that look like this.


And make them into something like this, make sure you get the best foams that are compliant and fit properly.



I suggest you get rid of that unicon electrolyte and replace it with something better.



And why not replace the two resisters with something better.


Enjoy your Advents and welcome to the forum.



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Thanks both for your replies. What are the values for the caps and resistors in the NLAs? And which ones do you recomend?

In another thread someone recomemded solen 16uf and a dayton 8.2.... but looking at your photo above,  im guessing that guy was refering to the older "loudspeaker".

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larrybody's crossovers look all freshened up and ready to go. There is plenty of debate whether it is necessary to replace the resistors, but it doesn't hurt to do so. For your speakers, rystereo, the best and only definitive method to determine the necessary values is to open up your speakers and confirm what was originally used. Am not certain about the NLA's, but the Smaller Advents employed a variety of crossover components, so you'd better take a look inside.

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The Original Large Advents had at least three crossover revisions. The New Large Advents, I have only seen the configuration that rystereo describes above. I used a Dayton metalizied polypropylene capacitors, one 10uf and one 3uf wired in parallel to make the 13uf value.  Parts express is the place to find them.  Erse has a PulseX cap of the exact value. 


Madisound is also a good source for capacitors at good prices.

As far as the resisters I am partial to the Mills, although there is nothing wrong with the Dayton and Erse sand cast resisters. I just that the Mills have closer tolerances and way better lead wires. 

Rick Cobb has the correct foams. You can find him on the auction site under the name looneytune2001. Remember on the metal frame woofers the the surrounds go on convex as opposed to the Masonite woofers where they are concave. Same surround, just different orientations. I think I glued the inside lip to the backside of the woofer cone.

Once you get those Advents singing you are probably will want another pair to stack.  Sound quality more than the sum of two speakers.



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A belated welcome!

Take a look at PeteB's Advent page here: http://baselaudiolab.com/ADVENT_LA_XO.html

When I rebuilt the crossovers on mine I believe Pete recommended using the newest version of the xo. I also installed some front to back braces and replaced the foam blocks with fiberglass. This thread has a lot of information, shows my Advent restoration (which included new inductors, too) and a lot of helpful input from Pete and others


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thanks again for your posts. The photo of Larry's speakers served as my inspiration.

 I was able to replace the electronics in the NLA's. I refoamed and gave them a listen with the old stuff and they sounded dead. One worse than the other. Then the new caps and resistors and the speakers came alive!

The only piece of equipment I have that might have been of their vintage is a small Marantz 2220b receiver, I think like 20wpc. Believe it or not they sounded pretty good with the little receiver.

I was going to sell them but I think they have been granted a reprieve.


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