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Best albums or songs to highlight AR3,s or Ar3-A's


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Ok, have found maybe best album to highlight my rebuilr Ar3's.  I am listening to 1977 release of Chuck Mangione's album FEELS So GOOD.  All I can say is amazing, amazing.

What albums or songs are everone's favorite?

This could be fun to compare.


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Some recent lp's that have sounded wonderful through my 3's/3a's:

John Renbourn-Another Monday

Bert Jansch- The Ornament Tree

Ella Fitzgerald-Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie

Rolling Stones-Beggar's Banquet

Andrew Hill-Compulsion

Cecil Taylor-Conquistador

Terry Reid-The Other Side Of The River


Frankly, I have yet to hear anything that I've played through these amazing speakers that ever sounds close to mediocre. 

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George Michael - 'Everything She Wants'                     Incredible bass guitar

Many of his recordings are technically excellent whether on CD or vinyl. Since upgrading to an Ortofon Quintet Blue, I have discovered outstanding bass that I have never heard before.

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My 3a's are now for all intents and purposes fully restored.

I elected not to replace the tweets with the HIVI 4 ohm replacements.

These just sound better and better as the days go by.

The system most used for music is also the system used for visual media playback.

Been watching an English mystery series called Broadchurch.

These are REALLY nice for general purpose usage as well as critical music listening.

The previous boxes in place were the 2Ax's.

Just a world of difference between those and the 3a's

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Excellent topic, and great suggestions so far.

Here are a few of my favourite albums/tracks for pure listening enjoyment:

Jan Johansson - Jazz pa Svenska (Just piano & double bass, amazing recording)

Darondo - Didn't I

Little Dragon - Twice

Radiohead - Everything

So many more, but this is good for starters. :-)






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For whatever reason, I like to demo speakers with music that exhibits good transient snap and dynamics.  As such, some of my go to favorites are...

Flim & the B.B.'s  -  any recording

Peter Gabriel  -  any recording

Kate Bush  -  Hounds of Love

Grace Jones  -  Slave To The Rhythm

Supertramp  -  Even In The Quietest Moments

Dire Straits  -  Love Over Gold (Telegraph Road)

Al Di Meola  -  any recording

YES  -  Going For The One

Aaron Copland  -  Fanfare For The Common Man & Appalachian Spring

Stravinsky  -  The Firebird Suite & The Rite Of Spring




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Mostly jazz, chamber classical, folk. Overall I opt for more acoustic stuff, and my 3's love it.  But today,  home alone I found myself blasting the 1st UK Procol Harum lp. With my puny McIntosh 1700 receiver the sound was incredible, filling up my rather small room. Maybe the best I have heard my 3's yet. Just sounded right. 

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