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KLH 6's for a charitable donation in MA


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I have pair of KLH 6's in pretty good condition except for a non-functioning tweeter in one of the speakers.  These are early models, they were part of a system that was purchased in 1960. While they worked they were pretty darned good sounding. I had planned on recapping them, figuring a bad cap is the source of the problem.  Well, it's been maybe 4 years now and I haven't gotten to it yet, so it's time to look for a new home.  Cabs and grille cloth are in good shape.  There was a small amount of veneer lifting which I reglued.  

So, here's what I'm thinking -- come pick them up in Beverly MA, and write a check for whatever you feel is a fair amount to our local food pantry, and they are yours.  If interested please send me message.

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