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Advent Heritage refoam


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After several years of not using my Advent Heritage speakers, I got them out and hooked them to my new receiver only to discover that 3 of the 4 woofers have badly cracked foam rings and the left speaker sounds scratchy.  I see some foam ring kits available on Amazon and one variety says for Advent Heritage and the other says Advent Heritage, Millenium. I wonder if anyone knows whether one set is better than the other or will both types work? Also, if replacing the foam rings doesn't eliminate the scratch sound, can anyone recommend some replacement woofers that work well in these speakers? I really loved the sound/looks of these speakers and don't want to have to get rid of them so I hope I can get the guidance I need to get them back to their original sound. Thanks for any advice/guidance!

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One way to compare various surrounds is to check their measurements. If both fit the Heritage,
they should be the same basic size (slight variations exist). In general, you probably want a
surround with the biggest fillet, to allow for maximum cone movement. In practice, it may not
matter a whole lot.

Best way to match original sound if you can't get rid of the scratching is to buy a used driver.
Sometimes it's possible to turn the woofers 180° from original position and clear up the sound.
The spiders can sag.

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