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An introduction and a question


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Just found this website and joined immediately.  I bought a pair of A25s from EBay on Friday and just hooked them up to our home studio - they sound great!  Now I need to clean up the cabs a bit and attach new grill cloths.

For background - I bought Dynakit PAS3 and ST35 in the 60s as a kit when I was in the Navy. The ST35 drove JBL Lancer33s and a Garrard tt fed the PAS3 along with a tape deck.   Sure wish those were still around!

I'm going back to tube stereo, just bought a ST70 and am looking for PAS2 or 3.  Will also get a Yamaha 5 disc CD player and an AR XA tt (unless I can find a Thorens TD165 cheap).  Now I can start looking for yard sale vinyl jazz from the 60s etc.

Question - 5 position switch on the back of the A25s - part of the crossover circuit. For now its in the "Normal" position but what happens if I rotate it counter clockwise? (Ok - or clockwise?)

I appreciate all the information I'm finding on these 'vintage audio' sites, Thanks to everyone who contributes.


in Rhode Island.

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