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Searching for AR3 grill match


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I had a single AR3 cherry cabinet that I bought for the drivers as from pics I seen, I didn't think the cabinet could be saved. I was wrong....:) Sooo I refinished the cab and stuck a 1969 mid I had in it. It didn't come with a grill so I looked high and low at many fabric selections. I came upon a vintage grill site and got this material in wheat color to try. It is used on the old Fender amps mostly so possible same time period. Has anyone found something better?

I ask as I have two rare low serial number 3's that have mint cabinets but no grills...that I want to make very nice. In the process now of refinishing cabinets. Thanks for any reply.

Oh...one thing I did learn on this fabric. I need to turn the grain of fabric 180 degrees to give it a more 3's look. I didn't order enough fabric to do this on this one.



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Hey Cat

That looks good. The original material was saran and it yellowed/darkened with age. 

The good news is Mellotone still make it, but in a different material (polypropylene I think). I think we decided in a previous discussion that DF7022 was correct. I know it looks light but IIRC some of the experts recommended this one


The bad news is you have to buy a ton of the stuff. I did, and sold pieces to CSP members. I "may" have some left But I'll have to check. You can PM me a reminder. Take a look at this thread


12 08 21_5267.JPG

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