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Advent 6003 Three Way and Carver M1.0 Amps


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Today, I purchased another Carver amp. This time reunited with the M4.0 amp from 1995. I decided that I had two amps that I could could now mono-block one amp to one speaker. Each Advent 6003 has its own power amp of 1000 watts. Like I would never use that. Lol. But, the extra power does feed these Advent 6003 beasts. And man do they deliver!! They are fed with a clear and powerful amplifier(s) that delivers a concert like experience thru these 3-ways. Listening to Pink Floyd , Triumph, Heart, and Stevie Nicks just sounds amazingly live like. And these technologies were engineered in the 80's! Ha.

I would challenge this setup with any sub - $1200 speaker system you could purchase at Best Buy or other!!!

if you can find these Advent 6003's at a good,price you should get them without any second thoughts... If you indeed have a nice powerful amp to bring out the best of them. 

Next I plan to provide a review of this new Carver M4.0 t with my Advent Legacy II pairing.












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