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mystery Wharfdale


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Hi there,

could it be the Diamond 240, I was reading this review today http://speakerxpert.com/wharfedale-diamond-240/

This is a quote from the webiste " So a lot of research and development has gone into the construction of the cabinet, although Whaferdale have produced excellent cabinets in more expensive ranges, they have tried to pass on the near resonance eradicated cabinet constructions that has made other product ranges famous. I am happy to report that they have succeeded, a consolidation of paricleboard and MDF has replicated the success of other cabinets. The Diamond 240 has almost no resonances at high frequency and the cabinet construction also stops internal sound leakage. I am happy to report that noise produced by the cabinet walls is a slow as 35dB south of the driver output."

I find that website pretty useful heres their home page http://speakerxpert.com

failing that ask them here at this webpage http://www.wharfedale.co.uk/support.php . Hope i was able to help



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