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Info on AR Classic Model 30....


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I remember this series quite well. I was with BA at the time and we noted the introduction of these speakers, wondering if they'd make an impact. In true AR fumbling marketing fashion, they flopped from a sales standpoint, being a high-end, specialized series aimed at 2-ch music listeners just as the early-mid 90's home theater craze was taking off.

But considered from an engineering/product standpoint, they were quite good. A bit "dryer" and having that M-T-M focused imaging thing going on, the Classics were true audiophile-oriented speakers. I heard them at AR's CES display and I heard them on a BAS tour of AR in fall 1992. The 30's were impressive, very clean, solid bass reach, very "3-dimensional." I remember talking to a BA engineer who'd been at AR at the time, and he told me that they had trouble with the first ones from a shipping damage standpoint, since the cabinets were so unusually shaped, but they got that squared away pretty quickly.

Definitely worth checking out, without question. There is lit in the Library from me.

Steve F.

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