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AR tweeter foam dot suspension


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Hi All,

I sort of asked this in a different post, but it was jumbling topics so I'll have a go at it in a fresh posting.

  Has anyone ever supplanted the existing foam dots that suspend the tweeter domes?
If so, what material did you use and how well did it work?
Not only do the 3A's have the foam dot suspension but also my 2A's and 2Ax's and all are a bit long in the tooth.

Best regards,


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Lou, immerse yourself into many of the older and helpful postings on this site to become more informed.

There's a wealth on info, facts and knowledge just waiting for you to discover. I recall that question came up a while ago and has been answered a few times. I don't recall the answer myself.

There's no new findings on this site, however there's much to discover of the past in order to become better acquainted with the golden history of the "AR" name of speakers.

Like much of the world today seems to be, there seems to be not much of this crazy world that is going to wait for anyone or anything, as most are running scared and only thinking of themselves out of desperation looking for answers.

My father, always the one with words of wisdom and hard learned and well experienced facts would always say; "eh, Frangi, pity the one who falls down in front of the others cause no one is going to help pick him up!" "Be-a strong, my son!"

Catch up to the 'herd's' pace here and we'll all get there together, hopefully.

P.S. Those three dots are probably older than you are, give them a break as the foam used was no doubt a new experimental material and in it's infancy, as maybe many here were? Gee, I was .


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