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Ok, well, this somewhat related to speakers (tubes)


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Hi All,

New to this group... but I have built speakers since I was 15 years old... Anyway, I cleared out my parents' house, on their passing, and now need to clear out the (climate controlled) storage units that are eating me alive in monthly costs. I have a mint pair of AR4x's (not for sale), just got an AR2a (which, from my evaluation, is going to need some major surgery, so perhaps my next project ;-). A pile of Klipschorns that I can't use where I now live, and a stack of homebrew speakers and amps, many that I just gave away. The 713C WE drivers went for a fortune on Ebay.... geez, my mom was going to throw them in the trash. 

So, here is what I have found so far: (attachment)

This stuff all needs to go....


Tubes 6-2013.xls

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(This website is as slow as molasses, but I am a techie, so anything slower than instantaneous is difficult for me ;-)

I have no prices, and thus am looking for offers. I know about the Genalex tubes, and some of the 12X series, and the early KLH reel-to-reel, but really it doesn't mean a great deal to me (though I will be a Klipschorn fan to the end, as, with a proper amp and source, they are clean as a whistle, especially when I can take the original design, build my own, and use way higher components)

So I am open to bids on things... I just need them gone, for a fair price.


Oops... I am in southern NH on occasion, and not far from Boston.

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