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Acoustic Research 1MS Speaker


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17 hours ago, Stimpy said:

I'm curious about these speakers too.  Mainly wondering how one would work as an upright center, for my AR90's?  It appears to use a similar 3/4" dome, and short of finding a single 90, or a 92, a 1MS seems the next logical choice?

I think the AR 1MS would be a good choice for a center speaker if they are in good condition and you can find a single or a pair at a reasonable price.

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High Fidelity test article attached,

The 1ms was contemporary to the AR-9 and its relatives, so should pair well with them. I'm using one as a center channel speaker with classic series models and ended up putting a 1/4" layer of fiberglass across the tweeter to damp it down to a better match for those.

BTW, despite the price saying "each," these speakers were packed as pairs, both speakers marked with the same serial number.

ar-ms1 high fidelity.pdf

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