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some dude named Tom Tyson is on the web somewhere with all kinds of specifics


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Quote:    ""some dude named Tom Tyson is on the web somewhere with all kinds of specifics""



Sorry Tom, being some 'dude' is not the most glorious title but, at least it appears that you are recognized in some places, somewhere.

And it sure is nice knowing that you may be helpful.

With your experience, knowledge and status in the AR speaker and electronic world are certainly not being recognized by this fellow.

I'm sure this can be found to be easily dismissible by you.




This is a very nice pair of 3a's by the way.  I feel they'll be good for 'bird man', somehow. They're near his neighborhood somewhere.

What about that guy, bird man? He's been absent lately. He claims he's working, oh yeah?

He's skinning snakes, I'll tell ya. Look at his name, owl place. Owl's go after snakes don't they? In the desert, snakes are sustenance for birds, especially for owls.

Why? Oh, I'll tell you why. It's because he can't show his face because a mere few months ago he was soap-boxing AR-5's and now, seemingly over-nite he's messing with 3a's.

Stroking those cabinets, drinking beers out in the desert on some truck's tail-gate while showing off his special-blend of bee's wax formula that he's so proud of and showing off to everyone within in eye-shot. I guess now he's a new man, bragging to the cacti and horny toads that he's now an AR-3a owner.

Who does that?


One question for you 'ole wise bird man, how could you live with yourself?


You know, going way back to when my eyes were constantly buried in AR brochures, High-Fidelity, Stereo-Review and Audio magazines, I too had contemplated buying 5's due to budgetary concerns. Then one day I just took the plunge and bought AR-3a's clearing out any meager savings I may have had. For the princely sum of $384. USD for two, I became a dedicated AR speaker lover.  I was 22 years young and I felt pure in my decision. I forgot to mention gas at .40 a gallon and bridge tolls of .25 cents. That bridge toll is presently $17., believe it.

I was innocent, wide-eyed and biting at the bit of hi-fi.


But, you bird fella, you're of a different feather apparently. Aren't you?


A real let-down to every AR-5 speaker lover everywhere, through-out the world.



Again I'll say; Who does that?

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Well, Tom isn't just "some" dude. He could be "THE" dude (or is that Lubowski?)

12 hours ago, frankmarsi said:

I feel they'll be good for 'bird man', somehow. They're in his neighborhood somewhere

Yes. To us Jersey guys anything west of the Delaware River is just "out west".

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Thanks for thinking of me, Frank. They do look nice but I'm tapped out at the moment. The last of my older brothers passed last year in Texas so I don't have any reason to want to drive that far ... however, Texas is around the navel of North America although when I was stationed there we described it using another part of the anatomy.... :)

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