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Exact drivers and crossover schematics used in Snell Type A and Ai

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Hello everybody!

I'm new to the forum. My name's Luigi and I'd like to have some precise information about the exact drivers and crossover schematics used in Snell Type A and Ai.

Could you please help me? 

I've tried to look for this information online and in this forum old post but I could not find it or something certain.
I've already asked in the snell.no forum the site administrator gave me precious information but there are some doubts about midrange impedance:

Unfortunately most information about Type A is often contrasting, probably becouse in the past many of these loudspeakers have unfortunately been modified or tampered and current owners simply ignore it and unwittingly provide wrong information.

So I hope the owners of absolutely original, not modified or tampered Type A can provide me and all Snell Type A/Ai enthusiasts,  any exact information about this excellent loudspeaker.

Any precise information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance


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Hello Luigi and welcome to the classic speaker pages. 

There should be one or two hand drawn sketches of a Model A crossover I drew some years back during a major xo upgrade here in the Snell forum. Try doing an advanced search within the Snell forum using the search word crossover and my name as author "carlspeak". 

Over the years though, I have come to realize that like many other speaker manufacturers in that era, changes were made for a variety of reasons. So, your quest for the most exact information may be a moving target - unless, of course, you want info on the very earliest of models BEFORE changes were instituted. 

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Carl, Thank you for welcoming me and your help!

I hope someone else can provide further and precise information about Snell A and Ai (exact drivers used and complete crossover schematics) also in order to try to reconstruct manufacturer's changes carried out during type A and Ai lifespans.

Information about Snell AII would also be useful and greatly apreciated.

Thank everyone for any help you can provide.




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