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AR-1W Craigslist in Chicago


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Knowing history can be the key to the present and even the future.

Research the library on this site and you will have no questions because you will be enlightened.









The above took me all of five minutes of my present.


It should also be noted that since 1985 our schools have lessened the teaching of history and music, a sad state of affairs for the future generations indeed.  Once the great knowledge of the past is totally erased by those that choose to do so, we'll all be doomed.


It's true we do rest on the shoulders of giants. Even that expression goes unappreciated.


What's that old expression and I'm paraphrasing; "Knowing history is key, or we are doomed to relive it" ................


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52 minutes ago, briodo said:

Just curious if this is an original AR-1W driver.  I thought they used the standard 12" woofer with flat sides?  SN 4028




The picture from Craigslist shows the speaker with the grill cloth removed, however the grill board that the cloth was mounted on is still in place. Removing the board will reveal the woofer frame as illustrated in these two pictures of serial # 1667 taken from the internet.

1667 woofer.JPG

1667 cabinet.JPG

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LOL, I consider myself enlightened and entertained at the same time.  Will promise to do better with my research and eat my vegetables!

I did not know that design had a board mounted at the front...

Thank you both for taking time to respond so graciously.

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