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To: All of You Folks With Vintage Hi-Fi Stuff.


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To all you lovers and curators of the classic AR speaker craziness.

You are not totally out of any loop in the world of music and the equipment that reproduces it.

Vintage equipment has a purpose and a meaning, is it 'grass-roots' more than just a hobby?

Does it have a stronger reason for being? Can it allow a closeness to what was something that was made many years ago that can enlighten even folks who may have moved too far on into the 'new' and now?

Do yourself a favor, believe and trust that what you're doing with vintage equipment is actually a good-thing that should and must be passed on for all of the right reasons.

To drive this point home, read "Art Dudley's" article " The Virtues of Vintage" in October's issue of Stereophile magazine for a booster shot.


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