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2ax woofer ???


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Because there are a variety of drivers used (tweeters and woofers at least, the mid is always the same) and even different baffle-cut-outs for the woofer in the 2ax, there is always the possibility that any 50 year-old speaker no longer has its full complement of original drivers, so there is only one way to determine this with any certainty, and that is to peek under the hood.

djcheung's early s/n speakers show the early tweeter with a foam woofer in the larger diameter six-screw baffle cut-out, whereas this pic shows 2ax's with cloth woofers and the later 3/4" dome tweeter. Who knows what the full history is with these speakers? 

Not sure where this pdf document came from or who produced it, but it seems like a well-compiled distinction of the various iterations of the 2ax speaker.

edit: 2nd paragraph, have changed description of woofers below from foam (incorrect) to cloth (correct)

AR-2ax cloth.jpg



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Hmmm, I don't think anyone has sorted the Brit serial numbers in relation to the Cambridge sequence.

Robert, the speakers you picture above I would have guessed to be cloth surrounds just by looking at the cones.

Anyway the photo I posted is from a current auction and the serial numbers have a 28K spread between them which may or not be another factor.

If I had to guess I would say they were from 1964 and 1968 -- just a guesstimate.



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Roger...... Ooopps, you are correct about my mis-statement - - - those are indeed cloth woofers I've shown and along with djcheung's pics, I was just trying to show how these speakers can seemingly have "mis-matched" drivers that don't fully comply with the "old" and "new" versions referenced in the pdf document. 

Thanks for the correction - - I will edit previous post.

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