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3a Impoverished


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...largely by the addition of Celestion G12 guitar amp speakers


They arrived with each woofer hanging on by one screw.....

I was hoping either tweeter might be usable, but both have breaks in the wires;

A23 tweeter wires.jpg


However, I can see about 10mm protruding from the coil, so am going to have a go at soldering back together. Any tips on a practical level gratefully received. Do you try and slide a soldering mat underneath, for example?

Chances are they are blown anyway.......however on the plus side the mid-units are fine.

But then that's the bit I don't need....


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Under the woofers looks sweet;

3a Imp inside.JPG


Trouble is with the tweeters; I will need to fix in a piece of connecting wire, as I can't see me being able to get the two ends to meet satisfactorily.

I have tried to bridge the gap with a hand-held wire fragment to see if I can coax something from my meter other than 'OL',  but without success.....however, it's difficult to say how much electrical contact I am actually making....thanks for the positivity David, I will muse further and await other input.


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