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Hello and general advent ?


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Hi All,

First time poster.  I got my Advent Legacy speakers in the early 80s and have enjoyed them ever since.  Recently acquired a set of Prodigy II towers and Laureates.  Also have a set of BA VR2 and recently made a set of SR71 speakers from Zaph/Madisound.

I enjoy all of them but the Advents take me back to my younger days.  I have never heard any of the pre-Jensen Advents but was wondering which you all like and if I were to keep my eye out for any what from the pre-Jensen era should i look for?  Also of the Jensen era speakers which do you like and why?

Thanks - this is quite a resource for these speakers!


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Ola First Time,


I really enjoy the Legacy II as well. They are good for all music types.They were my first Advent purchased back in 1988.

I like the accurate and precise sound I get from the Advent (Jensen Era) speakers.

I had Boston Acoustic and Cerwin Vega speakers to complement the Legacy II in 1990's with my Carver system. Bought the Carver Amazing (Mark IV) and they were nice, but not very efficient. 

The two three-way Advents I have (Maestro and 6003) are just outstanding. Addicted to their sound reproduction versus other sub $1k's speakers. They were added in 2013/15 from a very well-cared collector of legacy Amercian-made speakers. So very clear and full spectrum of frequency response. 




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