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Snell A/iii

Michael F

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Considering their age, they are in pretty good shape. A few niggles with the grill cloth but nothing horrid. Woofers got new surrounds installed by Audio Service Co. in Weaverville, NC about 7-8 years ago.  I just discovered a couple of days ago that the midrange drivers are in need of new surrounds.  I can fix them myself (I've fixed the surrounds on many speakers) but figured that maybe some of the folks around here might prefer their own hand or that of their favorite speaker repair professional.  Let me know if you are interested in me doing it.  There are, apparently, some small handful of replacement drivers (Seas 11F-M H143) available here if you'd rather just do that. 

The grills are normally nailed on to the speakers. I removed one years ago to inspect the mid and tweeter (which were fine back then) and haven't nailed it back on. It sits on there just fine and looks indistinguishable from the one that is still nailed on. The will both have to be off in order to replace the midrange driver surrounds.  The grills should be easy enough to reattach if you feel so inclined.  I think the are fine without the nails.  Cabinets are oak veneer.  You can see watch this video where I try to show their condition.  It was while I was taking the video that I discovered that the midrange driver surround was deteriorating.  The comment at the end of the video about using rubber cement was a joke.  I have never attempted to apply rubber cement to any speaker.

I have owned a lot of fairly nice speakers in the last ten years (Paradigm, JBL, Dahlquist, Fostex, Bozak, Klipsch, more Dahlquist, A/D/S, Advent, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., ad naseum). These have been the best out of all of them. They don't fit in our family room and have lived in the (finished) basement for years where they almost never get listened to and still I haven't been able to say goodbye.  Well, I am finally letting go of them (and everything else) because I have (wayyyy) too much stuff.  My life is about to get both expensive and more nomadic so I have to lighten the load and come up with some dough.

If you can come and audition these you might want to bring your own amp and source. I totally understand.  I no longer have any esoteric audiophile gear to feed these. Just a Yamaha M-4 (or lower powered stuff - they really don't require that much) to push these.  It is a fine amp but I know there are better out there.  I have tried a dozen or so amps with these speakers.  I think my favorite was my friend's restored Pilot SA-260.  Bi-amping them (electronic crossover is not needed for this) can be nice too but isn't really necessary if you have an amp that can support the low end and still has nice highs.  They don't really need mountains of power either.  They didn't sound half-bad with ~15 watts (Magnavox 9303).  OK, I'm rambling now.


$700.  I'm located in Sylva, NC.  Shipping these would be a very expensive proposition.  Picking them up would be ideal.

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