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Almost had some A35's


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I do a lot of work at high end homes in my area. So, when I go in I can't help but look around to see if there's any cool gear or LP's laying around. Today I spied a mint pair of Dynaco A35's sitting atop a pair of nice white bookshelves in the den of this pristine civil war era homestead.
The wheels started to turn immediately. "When I'm done, I'll offer a discount on the work in exchange for the speakers," I thought, certain that they had been unused for over a decade.
Boy was I wrong. The Gent that owned the place, a guy in his mid 70's, just smiled when I made my pitch.
"No way," he said. "We love those."
I upped the game, asking how long it had been since he had them running.
"We were using them last night," he replied.
I had nothing.
What transpired was a great chat about music, sound, and of course, the quality of vintage gear. 
While I wish that I was now dragging a pair of A35's into my house, I gotta admit that it was great to meet a guy that still appreciated them.
Onto the next house....

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 I recently picked up a pair that was for sale in So.California. I will have them on Friday. I'd previously owned and enjoyed a pair of A25's but sold them. 

The funny thing is that the reason I decided to buy them is that one of my main speakers, AR3's, went south back in May when a faulty amp took out the woofer. It's been the shop since then and things were looking like it would be several more months until it got repaired. Well, last week I got a call that the speaker will be ready on Thursday this week, a day before I get the A35's. When it rains...I already have 2 other pairs of speakers that I enjoy, so I suppose I'll be deciding which pair will be expendable.  

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