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Grille recovering - AR-92


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My AR-92 recovery project is proceeding well. The new dustcaps have arrived and will be glued on this weekend. The cabinets, crossovers and stuffing are all good, the level switches have been sorted.

I now want to freshen the look and re-cover the grilles as they have corner tears. The AR-92 has 3-dimensional grilles that flare toward the front at the bottom that make the job more complex that a traditional flat grill re-cover, so I probably need some advice from those bold souls that have gone before me on how to do this properly.

The material is stapled to the frames. It is glued as well?

How does one stage the stapling process so that the material is nicely tensioned given the flared curve outwards of the grille frame? Any other advice appreciated.

On a side note, I just this week blagged a pair of late 1970s Altec Lansing Model 5 speakers for my garage for almost nothing. The cones are in perfect condition. They sound great in there - my 14 yo daughter has her girlfriends over at times for disco parties, and these wonderful Altecs with 12 inch woofers and two tweeters have replaced some awful no-name cinema tower speakers for this duty.




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