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Advent Speakers and Carver Amps - Perfect Match


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Hello All,

I am new to this site. What a treasure trove of a forum. All things Advent speakers. Love it. Ok, just wanted to parrot about my experience with Advents. I have in my main system 3 pairs of Advents and one carver cinema 5.1 front speaker pair. These are all powered by Carver M1.0 and M1.5 Amplifiers. I have two C-1 pre-amps with Sonic Holography. All of which has been re-capped in the past 3 years and it better than when new. BillD modification on the C-1

I would take these Advent & Carver combinations against anything I heard today at the big box stores and even many so-called HiFi specially stores.. at least with my ears.

I love the sound of my Advents from the highs and the strong bass response. I do think from my experience that a powerful amplifier is absolutely needed for the speaker models I have collected to bring out the most of them sonically.

Advent Maestro - Immaculate condition (Bought used from a collector in 2014)

Will replace the caps in the fall 2016. Any suggestion for a modification is welcomed. The Highs and midrange are so very smooth an accurate to compliment the bass octave from the woofer!

Advent Legacy II - VG Condition (Bought new in 1988)

Reformed in 2013. Will recap them in Winter 2016-2017. Awesome bass response. They have outlasted the Cerwin Vegas, Boston Acoustics and the Carver Amazing Speakers (Mark IV) speakers. They never fail to deliver. 

Advent 6003 - Immaculate Condition (Bought this summer 2016 from a teacher who was unfamiliar with the model and history). This was a very curious speaker and did not  know really of its existence in the product portfolio (83-87) until I saw it on craigslist. Glad I picked them up. 

Had the drivers reformed the drivers this past month by a Denver expert. OMG they sound good! However, they need a strong amplifier to drive them and the Carvers provide that just fine.

When Carver stated that there products would delver "Powerful Musical Accurate".. they must have had Advent's in mind to compliment the complete sound experience. I feel spoiled and very happy with my system where Advents are the primary drivers of sound reproduction in my personal concert hall. lol





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