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Allison IC20 User Manual


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Last year I started this thread for the IC20 user manual, only to realize the file was too large for download as one document.

Finally, I got around to it....sorry for the long delay.

One page is out of order in the first document, however if you go thru them, all pages are there for viewing.




ALLISON 20 A.pdf

ALLISON 20 B.pdf

ALLISON 20 C.pdf

ALLISON 20 D.pdf

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2 hours ago, StereoDude said:


Since moving two years ago, I have been listening to my CD-8s. Over Thanksgiving I decided to drag the big boys out of the basement.

I found my pair about seven years ago, I never did have a manual. Thanks for posting it, Bill.


Let me know if any of those pages are a problem for you.

That manual was an extraordinary gift from my brother....did not come with the speakers. After all this time I have to ask him to remind me (must have been Ebay) where it came from. That is an original I’m pretty sure, and if true, must be as rare as the speakers themselves.

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