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Can you mix electrolytic and Mylar film caps in parallel?

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I am working on a crossover for a DLK 2 speaker. One of the caps in the crossover is a 47 uf (the other two being a 4.7 uf and a 10uf). I'm planning on using mylar caps for the two lower value ones, which should work out nicely (4.7 and 10 uf). However, film caps at 47 uf are out of my price range. The supplier I am using does not have electrolytic caps with 47 uf values. They do have 40 uf, however. I am thinking of combining a 40 uf electrolytic with a 6.8 uf mylar to give me 46.8 uf theoretically. All the caps are rated higher (either 100 for the electrolytic to 150v for the mylar) than the originals, which were 50 v.

So here's the question for you experts: Can I wire electrolytic and mylar caps in parallel to give me 46.8 uf, or is it unwise to use electrolytic and mylar caps together?

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