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Model 24's now in the collection


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I steered a buddy of mine to a Craigslist Posting for a pair of model fives for $150 and he jumped on it.  While there the owner said he had a smaller set of KLH 24's if interested for $25 so he picked them up for me.

These are super clean.  Consecutive serial numbers! Very little wear anywhere including the grilles that are velcro attached.  These have screw terminals so apparently they were not part of the stereo set.  Need badges.  

Playing them now and they have that typical KLH tone.  Very nice.  Will eventually go in and see what I see.  I am sure the caps could use replacing as usual.  If anything they might be a little muted.









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Very nice! The original owner obviously took good care of these.

I can see that the woofer surrounds are typically dry and will benefit from being resealed, and as you said, caps should be replaced. I can only imagine the Fives condition your buddy got. And what a price for both pairs!



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I did replace the caps and doped the surround.  Took about an hour and a few bucks.  Listening to them now actually.  I have them sitting on top of my Allison ones in my home office on speaker B of the pioneer SA9100 and use them early in the AM or late evenings when I don't want any extra bass that might wake the family.  Typical smooth KLH warm sound.  Occasionally set the Pioneer to A+B.

They really are in great shape.  The best part about that is that they are not calling to me for attention like others I have in the que.  I typically don't like the Howards restore-a-finish route, but this is probably a good application.  Just a little something to smooth out some wrinkles and buy more time.  Had one badge and an AK member sent me another no charge.  Love this community.

Here is a photo of all three pieces mentioned in action.


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