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AR-12 tweeters in AR-5?


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I sidelined my Ar-5 project last year after popping a dome on one of the tweeters. After listening to the latest addition to the covey (seems like a suitable moniker for a bunch of speakers), Ar-58s for a few weeks without any EQ and one modified crossover I decided to try some AR-12 tweeters in the 5's without any crossover mods. Interesting ... I wasn't holding out much for them since they came with the usual crushed dome shipping off the auction site. The seller assured me he always ships speakers that way and never had a problem!

They are not as clean sounding as the 58s' but a major increase in upper range. After not listening to the 5's for awhile they are definitely a speaker for apartment dwellers but it is so easy to get hooked on the 12" bass ...

I often wondered what a system would sound like to a youngster with good ears that had been equalized by an old codger a bit shy on 20-20 hearing ... something of a rhetorical question.



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