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New Large Advent A3 vs. Smaller Advent


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I currently have some freshly re-foamed Smaller Advents and New Large Advents hooked up to the same receiver.

I'm not really qualified to compare them, but one thing that I noticed straight away was that the NLA's had some real high end sizzle that was very much more tamed on the SA's.

Am I correct?

From what I can tell, the NLA are going to be better for Home theater sound effects, where the SA are better for easy listening.

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Hmm, nobody ever responded.

Anyway, I have never heard New Advent tweeters but I have seen the discussions about them supposedly being more efficient than the original Advent fried eggs as used in the original Advents and Smaller Advents. Therefore, they would be relatively louder for any volume setting. It's a bit more complex because of crossover influence but there you have it.

In addition, the Smaller Advent tweeters, if yours are earlier versions with green cones, are even less efficient than the original orange ones used in the original (large) Advents. You can tell if you have those tweeters by looking at/measuring the magnet. The original Smaller Advent tweeters have a 2.5" square magnet instead of the 3" square magnet of the large Advent tweeter. Later on, in 1975, the tweeters became identical for both speakers, with a 3" square magnet, and Advent used a crossover change to compensate for the efficiency difference requirement.

Clever screen name, BTW.


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