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Specs and response curves for Boston tweeters? Other subsitutions?


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It seems that Boston refers to anything soft-dome as "kortec", it signifying the construction method (I believe; a mix of hard and textile materials to dampen distortion) and no particular response character. The Kortecs in my (current) A-series are not even close to those in my Horizon Series and the added extension I was hoping for sometimes translates to harshness with less than perfect recordings.

So I'm looking into the prospect of replacing the tweeters for something a bit sweeter sounding and possibly with more clarity and extension. The thought of VR tweeters would have been neat, but the A-series having such complex crossovers I just couldn't put anything into it plug-and-play, so I would need to know their characterstics. And obviously I want them still to sound very Boston. 

The kortec tweeters present measure 5.7 ohm Re whereas the HS kortecs are 5.9 ohm. Now Fleabay is filled with used tweeters and there are AMD based car tweeters that just might work for me. But before I go ahead with anything and put dear money on tweeters that may not be to my liking or disagrees with the crossover any input on the matter is appreciated.






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