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Craig's List find: pair of AR1 speakers


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Craig's List in Nashua, NH

" For sale this pair of AR1 speakers, all original still sealed with in cabinets. Original grill material and brass tags. Were removed from a Belmont home where they were built in to an office/study in the early 1960s. Purchased and installed by AR of Cambridge and only one owner. Please see all pictures and either email or call me if you'd like to view them. "

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yeah, the "flipper" who now has these for sale reached out to me yesterday offering them up. curiously I am unable to find the CL listing you speak of. as best I could tell they were unfinished pine with 3 sides of each painted white. serial spread was significant with a different configuration of rear terminals and controls.

I have made him an offer on these, but won't break my heart if someone offers more.

this is the guy I got the 5's from last year.

if anyone is interested in these I can assure you this seller is for real.

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20 hours ago, DavidR said:

I wish we were allowed to post links to sales for a brief period. Oh well.

Why not? Just add the photos otherwise the links expire and the post is meaningless.

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So here are the pics the seller sent to me the other day, if anyone is actually interested I know the seller and he lives near by.

Can someone explain image2 and the different terminal configurations? With 11,000 difference in serials there are what appear to be substantial differences in these two examples?

There are a couple pics of the cabs on the CL ad which show the obligatory white paint and respectable overall condition.







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That multi-terminal arrangement is found only on the earliest of AR-1's and pre-dates the variable pot used for HF control, which then stayed on until the early 70's. These very early tags explain the settings and show the terminals. Note the addresses: on the first label, I believe the Mt. Auburn address is Kloss' student loft before he and Villchur had even rented any production space. The second tag (25 Thorndike) is also rare since it is the building across the street from 24 Thorndike, which shows up on nearly all classic AR's until the move to Norwood. 

AR-1 tag.jpg

25 label.jpg

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