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KLH 6 construction differences?


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Been a lurker for a bit.  I've been curious about something regarding my two different sets of KLH 6's.  Attached are the images.  I was hoping someone could tell me the differences between the plywoods?  Also, the one on bottom has the epoxied woofer, but screw in tweeters.  Was there a period where this was common?  I always thought both drivers were either epoxied in or screwed in.

Thanks ahead of time for any wisdom!


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Hey, Vugari!

Sixs have various grades of plywood, and later models made with MDF.

My Six's are from 1963. I got them from the original owners wife who was going to throw them away. Got the whole story about them. One has both the epoxied woofer and tweeter, the other has the screw mounted tweeter. This was the year screw mounted tweeters were phased in. I believe 1965 was when the screw mounted woofers were brought into production.

I also had a set from 1972, my first pair of KLH's I found in a thrift for 30.00 bucks. Though both sounded almost identicle, the 1963's woofers go a bit deeper due to a longer excursion than the basket style woofers.

I did a full restoration on the 1963's, they are excellent and connected to a Scott LK-72 tube amp, a superb combination.

Keep an eye on fleabay as original, removable style grills come up occasionally.


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