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Boston T830 speakers all apart


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I was given a pair of minty clean Boston T830 speakers the other day but the guy has them all apart, I have two new woofers, two new or refoamed mids, and the CF3 tweeter, plus two cross overs in a box.
Does anyone know which color wires go where? I see all the bi-color wires are common on the crossover, but I have a red. a yellow, and white wire coming off different points of the cross over and I'm not sure which one goes to which speaker? The common wires are black, black w/yellow, and brown w/white.

Does anyone have a set assembled to see which wire goes to which speaker? (All wires are the same length give or take an inch or so).



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2 hours ago, ra.ra said:

My knowledge of this speaker model is almost zero, but this thread with photos, measurements, and schematic should be helpful for assembly.


I'm basically doing the same thing but with some Dayton caps I've got here. The speakers I've got are new in the box. I'm not 100% sure how these got in their current condition but they've been sitting in a buddies workshop for years. I think he found a set of new cabinets and hunted down all the parts over the years and just never put them all together. He had the drivers wrapped up and shrink wrapped so the surrounds didn't dry rot and the cabinets were wrapped up in blankets and trash bags. Each of the drivers were bought from Boston Acoustics back in the mid 90's, so they're still US made drivers, but the crossovers I've got are the old type, probably sources from eBay over the years.

I've got a second set of cabinets and drivers but only one set of crossovers. I've been watching online for a pair to pop up for sale just to have the correct inductors to match the speakers.

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