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AR-2ax refurbishing and use question


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Hello. First time post. I did some searching but have some specific questions.

First I'd like to say I am a music fan but certainly not an experienced audiophile. I enjoy music and thus appreciate nice audio. I am also not wealthy so I'm limited to what is at hand.

I stumbled upon a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers in a Goodwill for 39$. They were, as best I can tell, manufactured in 1980. The woofers have K22e marked on them if that helps. They are in decent condition but someone did a repair with blue painters tape where the dust caps meed the cone material. I connected them to my Yamaha CR-840 and they sound pretty good to my ear. I'm getting a little static somewhere but after deoxit treatment to the Yamaha its better. I'd have to go over it again to see if I can clean it better. Overall the Klipsch sound good but it got me thinking. 

My dad had given me a pair of AR-2ax speakers a long time ago that I used on the B channel for their woofers at the time. If I remember correctly even back then the pots where corroded but at the time I didn't even know what pots where and just used them for their bass. They have been sitting for a long time and would certain need some love. One woofer has a puncture to the cone material. It's intact in the sense that there is not a "missing" piece and could be glued back. I'm guessing there's other things to check too. A nice guy over at audiokarma has been helping and suggested recapping, cleaning/replacing the pots, refoaming/re-coning if necessary in order to do it right.

My question is which pair should I keep? To show my inexperience I hadn't noticed the Heresy speakers lacking bass response until someone on a forum pointed it out. I guess these were center channel speakers for the big corner guys. I listen to folk/rock, nothing really heavy at all, but also post rock/ambient type music which does delve into the lower frequencies at times. I personally enjoy clear/clean/realistic vocals (if that makes sense) and generally lean towards brighter speakers but don't want a tin room sound. Sorry if my descriptions are off. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If I am to repair the ARs, what caps should I buy? Also suggestions regarding the woofers and pots would be greatly appreciated. I do have help from a generous guy over at audiokarma so I'm not completely in the dark at this point. I know how to solder somewhat and am not really scared of working on the AR pair. Thanks for your time.

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