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Hi all,

New to the biamping world and need some advice.

What is the best way to split the signal ?

1. at the preamp side with 2 interconnect cables to the power amp


2. at the power amp side with a splitter and one interconnect cable from the preamp.

I have 2 identical Crown ower amps.

After reading on ths forum, suggests that vertical biamping should be ok. Is that correct?


Best regards,


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David -

Assuming your preamp to have a single pair of stereo outputs (one Left, one Right), my choice would be to add a "Y" adaptor to each of the preamp outputs, and then a pair of cables to each Crown power amplifier; using one Crown for the Left channel, and the other for the Right in a "vertical" bi-amp configuration.

That said, if the "Y" adapter's leads were long enough to connect to both of the Crown's inputs, then I'd just run a single cable from the preamp to the "Y" connector.

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I just added a second amp to my system with the AR9's last week.  Went with the vertical Biamp configuration.  My preamp has 3 outputs so I use 2 of them instead of using a y cable.  Otherwise, same idea as the diagram.



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Hi David,

How do the AR9 sound when biamp compared to normal ?

They already sound very good !

Will I get some improvements with biamping ?

I want to biamp the Limited 3 to see how they sound.

It seems to be quite difficult to drive them.


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The very best results that I ever got with the AR-9 was in a vertical bi-amp setup, as shown in David Dru's first diagram.

I say results (plural), because of a couple of variables introduced into the set-up.

System 1 used a pair of Adcom 555II power amplifiers driven by an Adcom SLC "passive" preamp, with an Audio Control Richter Scale equalizer used in the low-end portion of the set-up. This arrangement resulted in the clearest, most "airy" sound that I ever experienced with the AR-9.

System 2 substituted a pair of identical McIntosh amplifiers with about double the power of the Adcom 555II, driven by a McIntosh preamp with no LF equalization. This arrangement gave a more authoritative, powerful result that was more satisfying on certain types of music.

Either way, the AR-9 can benefit from bi-amping; the difference is certainly audible.

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Thanks ar_pro,

Before I can test it out, I need to sort out the logistics side of things.

I need to get some bi-amp cables, and extra runs of speaker cables.

I don't have a dedicated preamp. I am using the Yamaha DSP-Z11 preout to feed the Crowns.

The crowns that I bought was the XLS-2502.

I know they have more than enough power to drive most speakers. Don't ask me why !

There aren't that much of a price difference between that and the lower specs ones.


I don't know why there are line spacing between the lines.

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Hey David.


My conclusions would be pretty much the same as AR-Pro's.  I too use Adcom amps rated at 200/ch each so the added umph is fairly noticeable although the AR9 doesn't even blink.  They pretty much say "bring it on"  no matter what you connect.

As Ar says, you will just need two y splitters.  Just make sure you get one that is as good as your long single cables.  A great option would be getting them made from a place such as bluejeanscables.com or similar.  Plus you can get cables the exact length you need.

You might look around for a nice passive pre like AR-Pro mentioned.  That one regularly sells for around $125.

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