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AR303's on Craigslist in LA - $90


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This CL AR-303 was listed by an extremely ignorant seller (nothing wrong with that) or this pair was perhaps "hoodwinked" and being resold.  In any event, this is the original style with optional black laminate that looks like brushed, anodized aluminum.  The black ones don't come up that often, and I don't think that many were made in that finish.  It had an industrial appearance that wasn't too appealing to buyers.  If this pair is in good condition, this is a steal, as AR-303s usually bring several-hundred on eBay.  

Picture below is AR-303A woofer pumping air at 20 Hz, moving >.5 inches peak-to-peak.  The AR-303, like the 12-inch AR speakers before it, was a "pure" acoustic-suspension design and produced very clean and prodigious bass output. 


--Tom Tyson

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On 4/20/2016 at 1:42 PM, Liangshan Marsh said:

Here you go ''briodo'' , a chance to own the AR 90 for a steal price : Colorado Craigslist AR90 $350 ( west I-70  Eagle Country)

http://rockies.craigslist.org/ele/5542267607.html )ar90$350.jpg


This cracks me up!  I finally finished rebuilding a pair of trashed out AR90's for one of my daughters and am suffering anxiety on losing a great pair of speakers.  Last Saturday evening was was enjoying those rebuilt AR90s with a dear friend and showed him this very ad.  He was ready to go with me to Eagle, about 3.5 hours from Colorado Springs.

I even received green light from my wife, who appreciates how much I enjoy finding and restoring AR's.  I have 5 pairs on my "to-do" list.

I told her I would wait 1 week and if they are still there...

Thanks for the note.  

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Oh I saw the ADS being deleted .I though you picked up it today but not so how come..? from day 1 you replied the ADS and still waiting for their responsive ... ? And ready for picked up but they didn't make a contact with you..Right?

I love collecting those speakers ( AR9 or 90) but they are too big and heavy to me. Hopefully you found another pair soon.

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