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It is hard to walk by an AR speaker at the thrift regardless of model.

Picked up a single Powered Partner for under $3 the other day just to satisfy my curiosity but it will probably end up costing me ... You can't have one without the other ;)



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Wouldn't you know, Kent beat me to these:

And don't forget these screws:

From Amazon reviews: "The AR570 was invented as a compact and tough package to monitor or reinforce sound in recording studios. It has exceptionally clear and linear acoustic performance. The thick cast aluminum housing is both rugged and dissipates heat from the internal amplifier quite well."


Also from Amazon reviews a recommended (unshielded) driver replacement:

By W. Miller on November 3, 2014 -- If you are looking at this legendary discontinued speaker you've no doubt heard about it and you've read some of these reviews. Yes, it's all true. I've used these for ages, built like a tank. They even will work as a mini PA or for monitors in a pinch. In fact, I pushed mine a little too hard and was searching for a woofer replacement for quite a while....
After extensive research, (and believe me, I spent days on the internet) I found a perfect match. The PYLE PLG54 5-Inch 200 Watt Mid Bass Woofer. They sell them here at Amazon. They are rated at 4 ohms like the AR originals, and are long throw, as are the originals. It drops right in, all the holes line up, and if anything, they will give you an even tighter bass. There is nothing "rumbley" or muddy about these speakers as a replacement for the woofer in the AR 570's. In fact, I bought another to get the two "Powered Partners" on the same page. I still get very clear mid's and very tight bass. Just so you know, I'm not a "bass-head"... I listen mostly to acoustic music.... (current price $16.80 w/free ship).

This appears to be the correct power cord:  "flat end figure 8" style power cord plug.

  • NEMA1-15P/IEC320 C7-PW



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There are at least two different types of AR Powered Partners that I have seen, one with a volume control and separate bass/treble controls, the other with volume and single tone for treble.  Any opinions or observations between the two?  

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