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Unexpected Results


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Hi All,

I've been reading everyone's posts for the past year and find them very informative and sometimes fun.

A few years ago, I refoamed my AR9 woofers. Unfortunately, I did it on the cheap and did not install new gaskets – I just tightened the screws using the original gasket. I recently performed a test to see if the cabinets were correctly sealed and determined they were not. To that end, I installed new gaskets on all the woofers including the mid bass. To determine if the cabinet was sealed, I gently pressed the woofer on one side and noted that the opposing woofer moved outward. Knowing that the cabinet was sealed, I looked forward to some earth shattering bass.

In a nutshell, the bass was definitely better. But what surprised me was how much better the midrange and tweeter sounded – totally unexpected! I heard instruments I had never heard before on some of my classical recordings and was, to put it mildly, very impressed. I placed the speakers back in their original positions so the improvement was not due to speaker placement. Looking forward to enjoying some good tunes this weekend and reading the Classic Speaker Pages...

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