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Pioneer A-656 Mark II for AR3a's and/or AR11's


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I've asked this q on audiokarma, but there are no users it seems that used this amp in combination with our beloved AR's.

How's the sound? Neutral? Warm? Cold?

Will this amp be powerful enough for driving AR speakers?

Is the phono section good enough (at least in a class of NAD 3020 phono section)?

The price is really good, the condition is mint, like new.

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I'm not familiar with this particular Pioneer receiver.

Here are some specs I could find:


Power output: 70 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 1Hz to 150kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Damping factor: 70

Input sensitivity: 0.2mV (MC), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 77dB (MC), 95dB (MM), 110dB (line)

Great THD; D.F. into 4 ohm would be 35 - I would want something higher.

I know the older Pioneers, like the 1250 are Class A/B and sound very nice with AR speakers.

Which AR speakers?

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