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ARs with 2 knobs


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Was talking to a guy today, and he said he had some AR speakers (Acoustic Resources, he guessed), that he's using as his 'rear speakers.' Said they had two knobs on the front of them.

Looks to me like they'd be AR-91s or AR-92s. Pretty major rear speakers....

Anyone know anything else they could be?

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AR made some low end speakers for I think places like sears and military (BX) stores) in the late 80's/early 90's, the SRT line...the SRT 330 and 380 have 2 knobs on the top....

from an old audiokarma post from Ken Kantor, former engineer at AR:

"SRT's were a line made by AR specifically for Sears. Compared to similar speakers, they are pretty decent, but nowhere near the quality of the regular AR models."





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