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AR Magic MGC 1 or MGC 2


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Hallo all

i have big problems with my AR Amp MGC-1e for the AR MGC-1 it is also for the MGC 2 speaker.

I searched now for more than 2 years for a service manual or a schematic.

Does anyone have a schematic or something else ( diagramm ) for this Amp.

Please let me know or answer or send a PM

Thanks for help


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Welcome Stephan

If you're lucky, maybe Ken Kantor himself (the designer) will reply. I know some members here have the MGC-1 or 2 systems so they may be of help as well.

It's also possible you may be able to contact Ken through his current company. He's a real good guy and very helpful: http://www.ztamplifiers.com/about/

Take a look at this thread: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=483 Ken suggested an inexpensive Behringer amp as a replacement. They are no longer produced but you may find a used one like this: http://www.musicgoroundtroy.com/p/401077/used-behringer-ex-1

Also found this thread, which mentions using a more modern and superior digital electronic crossover to replace the MGC-1e (costs $300): http://starchive.phxaudiotape.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6465&start=90

Another possibility would be to find a really talented tech such as the one I use here in NJ: Bristol Electronics, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. Yes, that's a real place and it's entirely possible he wouldn't need a schematic to figure out what's wrong.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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Hi Kent

Hi Roy

first thanks for your quick answer.

I know that the behringer are for replacement for the amp from AR.

But i want to have when possible my AR Magic in orginal condition.

I have order me last week a DBX Drive Rack PA. i still wait for it.

I want to hear my MCC1 again with the sides because this give the three-dimensionality.

I have this speaker since 1988.

When i bought this from Teledyne in Germany this speakers are for the test in the papers Stereoplay.

In the test the AR are not given the best note.

When the Speakers come back to Teledyne, i get this speakers and hear it, it came no good sound of the sides,

so i give the amp to a friend from me who are a very good technican, and he reworks it.

The sound was now amazing with the rebuilt amp. ( the guys from stereoplay only hear the speakers with a damaged amp )

But this guy doesn´t reworks now amps.

please forgive me for my english if it's not particularly good

So i hope that somebody find a schematic from this amp.

Have all a new good year


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Hi Kent

Hi Roy


i still have found two AMPS´s MGC1e in Europe.

A guy sell these Amps, he doesn´t know for which speakers they are and he doesn´t know if these amps still are working.

So i can buy these amps and when i get them, i still hook them up on the MGC and which surprise both still work fine , only the pot´s still knock´s.

But i will clean them and than i am happy again with my MGC´s



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Coincidentally, "Vintage AR"/Larry Lagace contacted me this past week to inform me that one of his customers had a schematic for the MGC-1 controller. Larry is now selling copies through his Ebay listings:

The MGC-1 Schematic
The AR Amplifier Trouble Shooting Package
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