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Vinyl speaker badge decals for your car? Any interest?


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Has anyone ever attempted to create vinyl decals of things like the AR badge to pop on the back of your car?

Sort of like the little apple sticker that you used to get when you bought an apple computer.

It would be fun to show your speaker brand pride.

Any idea of what company would do this? If its even worth it? I know usually with things like this you need to order at least a certain amount.

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There are several online companies that could make them. Just Google "custom vinyl stickers". Some are rectangular, some die cut. Someone would have to place an order for 50 or 100 or more, then try to sell them here or on the auction site. Depending on the size and quantity ordered (and whether there is a charge for creating the artwork) they'd probably end up costing a couple of bucks each.

Maybe Tom would have some real clean artwork of the AR INC logo.


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