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KLH Model One, Janszen 1-30


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This week I finally acquired a pair of Model Ones that I'd been stalking

for weeks. The seller is local to me, so that helped tremendously in

getting the things home. At 85 lbs each and 39 x 25 x 16 inches.

Here is the original auction.

I also spent weeks researching these. There's not a lot on them,

because there are not a lot of speakers out there. These are serial

no 002 and 659.

The woofers sound amazing, more like a theater sound system or

something. They'll put serious acoustic pressure in a room down

to about 18 hz. But they are also quite inefficient.

Both the Janszens need work. I know something about electronics,

but it looks like I'm going to need some help with these.

So, on with the pictures. I'm adding the four page instruction brochure

for the One, Two, and Three to the library.




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Great find! And SN oo2 is pretty amazing! I'll bet most people don't know about these beasts. If the seller had listed them as Janszen 1-30s with big-ass subwoofers there may have been more competition. Keep us posted on the restoration and the final result. Looks like you'll have a Happy New Year!


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Thank you! Yes, I've been curious about KLH's first three models

for quite a while.

Here's 002 exposed a bit and its internal "electronics" :-)



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Thank you!

I think these, too, could have been a lot more, but there's so

little traffic in them, it's difficult to set a price.

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