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New Life for Your Advent Loudspeakers. A 3-way Project using Advent Woofer


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Generally a well designed 3-way speaker can sound cleaner and louder than a 2-way speaker. Recently, a universal crossover was proposed by the speaker guru Jeff B enabling a small high performance 2-way monitor to blend smoothly with a capable woofer to achieve the sonic advantages of a 3-way speaker.

What got me interested was one of the woofers used in his proposal had characteristics similar to the Advent woofer, namely medium sensitivity, sealed box resonance around 40hz and DCR of around 4.5 ohms.

While I like the bass of Advent loudspeakers(both original and NAL) I always feel their mids and highs can be smoother. Over the Thanksgiving I put together the crossovers per Jeff’s spec and found the 3-way instant Advent sounded indeed very promising. Of course the overall sound quality of Advent-based 3-way depends on the quality and sensitivity of the 2-way satellite speakers. Overall, I am very happy with the results. The details are here.

The original thread by Jeff B is here:

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