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AR-90 tweeter and mid ohmage


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Hello all,

I took some measurements of the drivers on my AR-90s today to see if they are within spec. I know that the woofers are 8 ohms, and my measurements of the DC resistance in the ones in my AR90s were within spec.

But I'm not sure of the impedance of the tweeter, upper mid, and lower mid. Here are the readings I took of the DC resistance for these drivers:

Right speaker
-Tweeter: 3.5 ohms

-Upper mid: 3.3 ohms
-Lower mid: 5 ohms

Left speaker
-Tweeter: 3.5 ohms

-Upper mid: 3.5 ohms

-Lower mid: 4.8/4.9 ohms

Do they look OK? I.e. do these readings indicate that the drivers are within spec?

I appreciate any insight in advance!

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