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AR/Allison/KLH for Sale


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LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY, NO SHIPPING. I am 10 minutes from either Exit 5 or 7 on the Jersey Turnpike. Please don't ask, shipping is not happening.

AR-4x – A pair of oiled walnut time capsules. NEVER USED, still cherry in the original boxes with all paperwork. One speaker is still wrapped in the brown “butcher” paper that AR used before boxing them. Speaker terminals are the shiniest silver I have ever seen. I am convinced these speakers were never used at all. Grilles are perfect naturally, and not easy to remove. I am not going to over attempt to remove them. $300

AR-28S – Not a bad 8” two-way at all. In wood colored wood. Need re-foam. $50

AR 338 – In cherry (vinyl), not a scratch. $250

AR Integrated Amp – Fascia in nice shape, body not badly scratched, no wood case. $200

AR Tuner – In nice shape, has wood case. $250

AR XB91 Turntable – Works and looks fine. No cracks dustcover. Will come with two extra AR headshells for a total of three (none has a mounted cart). $300

Allison Model 6 – Cabinets nice, need a re-foam, one speaker took a hit right in the face cracking the plastic grille slightly, and deforming the tweet a little but it still works fine. Crack in grille can be aligned by hand to the point it is invisible from across the room. $100

RA Labs “Mini-Reference” – Bought these right out of the Massachusetts factory in 1994. Great little 6” two-way in black. $200

Advent 300 Receiver – Nice shape. $250

KLH Model 18 Tuner – Real nice shape. $100


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Hey ...... I just wanted to acknowledge that all of your for-sale offerings represent a very fine limited cross section of vintage New England audio products, and since I have no plans in my immediate future for a road trip down the NJ turnpike, my purchasing temptations will be avoided. Lotsa goodies in your list, but those pristine 4x's sound rather rare, and even at full price, for just over $1000 (or as the Sopranos would say, "one large"), a really fine system of amp-tuner-turntable-speakers could be purchased. I do hope that you will find appreciative buyers.

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I have no plans in my immediate future for a road trip down the NJ turnpike, my purchasing temptations will be avoided.

Just to add my 2 cents. George (ToastedAlmond) is a great guy and his prices are very fair. I bought a pair of AR-2ax's from him about 7 years ago and 3 years later, a pair of AR-3s. At the time he was donating all his "profit" to charity and he probably still does. In both cases the speakers had some "issues" but he sold them very cheap and they became great projects (with help from CSP members).

Here is the write-up on the 2ax's: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=4466#entry73966 and here are the 3s: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=6284#entry87031

His current offerings are accurately described and range from mint to needing minor work. I put dibs on a couple of nice items before he posted this but lusted after all of it! Now I just have to get down there.

If any member wants me to pick something up and ship it send me a PM and "we'll talk."


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Thanks to Kent and ra.ra for the kind words and offer.

I want this stuff to go to people who feel that these items are all (almost all) very important contributions to the world of audio, just as I do. People who revere the two guys who were told, "What you're trying to do is impossible" along with "We have a lot of talented guys here already, and if there was anything to your ideas, they would have been onto them." I sure wish I could've been a fly on the wall for the resultant conversation...

"You want to start a speaker company?"

"Not really, but I guess we could/should. Especially if we want 30% of the speaker market within three years."

The integrated amp I offer is an AR (not AR Inc.) branded, headphone jack w/switch installed, heat sinks exposed model.

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Sheesh, you Jersey guys are starting to bond like a couple of zealots at a Chris Christie rally! :lol:

Seriously, Kent's response should serve as a testimonial to the quality of products being offered for sale, as well as for the integrity and intent of the seller, who has been into this equipment at a high level longer than many of us. Totally agree that prices are fair, and thx to Kent for offering services to serve as shipping middleman.

Me loves those AR integrated amps, and I'm always looking for an AR tuner, but any new acquisitions for 2015 have been totally curbed by my newly disciplined self. In time, the proper buyers will emerge.

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I just happened to stumble on this outdated thread again, and then realized that I had seen no mention of this recent news on the CSP site. I did not know the guy personally, but it sounds like a lot of people were touched by his personal charm, generous knowledge, and trustworthy business practices.  


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