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Allison one Crossover parts


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I am going to order what I need for updating the crossovers on my Ones. This is what should be in there, though I have not opened it up yet.

60mfd (2)
35mfd (2)
6.2mfd (2)
3mfd (2)
4ohm (4)
3ohm (6)
1ohm (2)

Looks like I can get most everything in the Dayton 1% caps from Parts Express. The 35uf will need to be 2 put together so I picked a 15uf and a 20uf. Make sense?

I am thinking to just go with an NPE for the 60uf to avoid that big cost for a Poly on that. ?

Also, there are 12 resistors in there so the Mills start adding up. What is the best alternate? They have the Dayton Precision Audio Grade Low inductive and standard wire wounds.

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Cap selection looks good.

Leave the original resistors. They don't go bad. If you must replace them use standard $0.50 wirewounds.


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Very cool speakers, but just a couple thoughts. Before placing order, I hope you've opened them up to confirm your shopping list, and if possible, maybe you can show pics of original crossover? I like Dayton caps perfectly fine, but count me among those who cannot justify the 50-70% price uptick for the tighter tolerance (1%) white end caps. Also, am unable to comment on the binding posts without a pic or description.

The 60uF cap value is a little difficult to find (even with the wide selection from Erse - which is currently showing lotsa "out-of-stock"), so you'll probably have to assemble multiple caps to get close to the target 60 value.

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I've never been inside Allison: Ones but they're pretty huge so I'd use Madisound "Surplus" 10uF caps for the 60 and 35uF values. You could add a Carli 4.7 to make the 35 (ish). Add a Bennic 0.33 if you wish but it's not needed. The Carli 6.0 is close enough for the 6.2 (or add a Bennic 0.22).

Binding posts? My Allison: Fours had perfectly good 5-way binding posts so I don't see the need but if you like fancy binding posts......


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hmmmmm. I might replace those. Just check inside and see that they won't be impossible to remove. Also check thickness of the mounting board.

btw--I just checked and one pair of Fours I restored had posts like yours.



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On 7/21/2015 at 6:40 PM, DavidDru said:

I am going to order what I need for updating the crossovers on my Ones

Hey David, did you ever complete this work on your Ones? If so, I'd love to see a pic of the crossover circuitry. I will soon be helping a friend with his Allison Twos, and I cannot seem to locate photos of crossovers for these early models.

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