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Early KLH 6 resealing on cloth surrounds??

kwon oh in

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Welcome to the CSP!

To answer your question: Maybe.

You should test the woofer seal by pushing the woofer in. Use 3 fingers like a tripod around the dust cap and push. If the woofer cone springs back out immediately there is a leak. It should take about 2 seconds for it to slowly return.

If you need to seal them, do NOT use any home-brew remedy. ONLY use the butyl rubber sealant that Roy cooked up. It's sold by ebay seller Vintage AR or, as a CSP member, you may be able to purchase directly from Roy at a lower cost.

See Service Bulletin 60 in the Library here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/other/klh_schematicsservice/klh_service_bulletin_60.pdf


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