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Rear label, AR3a, take one


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Really good. Did you find a font for the AR logo, or did you create it as art?

We should make versions of this for all the classic models and post them for download.

The logo is art. I pulled the original from some advertising material, then autotraced and cleaned it up in Corel Draw.

The typefaces are Palatino and Arial Black. The Palatino text needed justification. The Arial text needed pulling and shaping.

Here's the 2ax label. It had a couple of minor variations that I ignored.



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Excellent work. Definitely add to the library as these little details make for good restoration.

Thank you! Here's the AR2 label scan, in addition. It will need to be built from scratch, as its typeface is different.


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I'm willing to attempt other labels*. I just don't have good photos of any. All these are from my collection.

* though I wouldn't think these would deserve the effort :-)


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