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The 'Mybrotherinlawwashere' thread

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Is your bro-in-law two? Unbelievable! That's just willful destruction. And a repeat offender to boot!

Thank my lucky stars I have two great bros in law.

Think you need to put together a posse of CSP guys and we can rough him up.

Finger in the eye? "That's OK. It won't hurt anything."

My sympathies man. That guy is a real ass.


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Its a running joke with me and my brother in-law. He is a finger poker so every dented driver I see I say "Bill was here". I don't know what it is or why he must but I have to be on my guard when he is around as he has this insatiable desire to touch the drivers. It pisses me off and I tell him to keep his hands off and just listen. He quibbles that it won't hurt anything. I say: eBay is full of dented drivers and nobody buys them.

Members: Post your dented drivers.

Attached is a tweeter he dented on a 94S he gave me. He did it thru the grill cloth as he didn't know how to remove the sock and couldn't see what he was POKING.


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I hope you all have a good laugh over this. Its from an auction on the auction site.

Single AR9 AR 9 Midrange Driver Speaker


Used mid very good working condition. AR9 Mid. Has dimple on dust cover works flawlessly.


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